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Experience The World 


Are you a traveling addict? Do you have passion for life? We are here for you. Even a tiny light like candlelight should light up the beauty of the world. 

Our main content is the sharing and promotion of niche traveling and sustainable lifestyle information. 

The site shares travel and lifestyle content through pictures, and videos. It also provides personalized and customizable travel plans, product promotion and branding services.

The website targets the local tourism industry, lifestyle brands and all those who love to travel and live.

All services are supported in English, French and Chinese.

We are excited to discover the world with passionate partners, if you are interested in the services below,

Collaborate with us ! 

  • Photo and video creation 

  • Customizable travel plans

  • Promotion for travel agencies

  • Lifestyle branding and product promotion

  • Marketing strategy consulting 

  • Social media operations 



We want to explore the beauty of the world with you! Our mission is to create relaxing environment surrounded by beautiful views. Everyone can be cured here.



Our planet is home to all living things. In the long history, human beings have created splendid civilizations and enjoyed the gifts of nature. 


Today, while appreciating the world, we should also learn to be kind to the species and our planet. 

Dreaming World will work with others to discover the world in a nature-friendly way and promote sustainable lifestyles.

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