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Dreaming World

Dreaming World is an international education & business collaboration website established in Grenoble, including three main sub-sites:

Etudeboundaryless is  for international education and cultural exchange services;

Candlelight is for travel and lifestyle information product sharing;

Future Business is for sustainable business projects collaborating and promoting. 


The goals of Dreaming World are to enrich daily cultural life through information sharing and consulting services, to discover new ways of living and to enhance the travel experience.


We welcome business partnerships for international education, travel, and lifestyle brands. This includes educational exchange programs, international conferences, tourism promotion, travel program development, branding, product promotion, and more. We offer customized solutions for our clients, who can choose the services according to their needs.


Dreaming World is designed for discovering a better life. We share business concept & strategies of sustainability , equality and diversity through business cooperation and info provided.

We especially look forward to cooperating with groups which focus on environmental friendly, respect for culture diversity and meant to create  a better future .


Everyone who wants to build a dreaming world is welcome!

We welcome education and cultural institutions which provide more equal opportunities and diversified cultural ideas;

Business institutions which promote sustainable products and services; Any individual clients who need related services and information.

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